Company Profile

Company Name PBJ Inc. 

Mieko Kobayashi

Head Office Address 2-36 Senjyu, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan 120-0034
Foundation Date 7 October, 2010
TEL/FAX TEL:+81-3-5284-8812 / FAX:+81-3-3882-8088

1935 Started fruit and vegetable store 

2010 Store renovated and changed its name to Grennfoods17

2010 Genesis Accounting Inc. founded

2010 Integrated fruit and vegetable business

2015 Jakarta Office opened

2016 Launched skincare business and start selling of “Momohime” skincare series

2016 Opened Malaysia Office

Business Summary

Cosmetics Business

Born as the third generation of a fruit and vegetable store, we have been focusing on “Peach”, which has great beauty and healthy effects and exploring opportunities to commercialize ideas featuring Peach.

Through experiences to stay in Singapore and Indonesia, we realized Japanese cosmetics gain high popularity.  Linked our ideas and above experiences together, we have gained new ideas to plan and develop Japanese skincare products featuring Peach.

In staying and visiting south eastern countries, we touched warm humanity of Muslim people and sublime doctrine of Islam. As such, we wished to produce Japanese skincare products that Muslim women can use safely and finally completed “Momohime (Peach Princess)” skincare series.

Our mission is to deliver our products to Muslim women living or visiting Japan as well as all Muslim women in the world.

Retails in Fruits and Vegetables

Opened a store back in 1930 in Kitasenjyu, which was the first post town on Nikko Kaido Road and have flourished since 1600s.

The store has been selling home-made pickles using salted rice bran over 80 years and very popular due to the deep flavor. The traditional pickles using salted rice bran are Japanese fermented food and full of vegetable lactobacillus.

The store has been featured by TV and newspapers several times.

Malaysia Office

Office Address Level 23, NU Tower 2, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,Kuala Lumpur Sentral,50470 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Foundation Date November 2016
TEL/FAX TEL:+603-2727-1873 / FAX:+603-2727-1818

Indonesia Office

Company Name PBJ Kantor Perwakilan Indonesia
Office Address

Ruko ITC DEPOK No.34

Jl. Margonda Raya No.56 RT.2. Rw.11 Kelurahan Depok,

Kecamatan Pancoran Mas DEPOK 16431

TEL/WhatsApp +62-838-9640-1434