Momohime Launch Event in Malaysia on 3rd March, 2017!


It was Momohime's one year anniversary on 3rd March, 2017 and we held press conference and launch event in Kuala Lumpur. 


Momohime Launch in Malaysia
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New! Peach White Essence will be released on 1 Sep., 2016

Momohime skincare line will have a new item, "Peach White Essence", a long-awaited beauty essence, on 1st September, 2016. With arbutin, vitamin C, and mandarin orange rind extracts, it boosts skin-brightening and suitable for summer days having strong sunlight.  It also contains moisturizers such as peach leaves extract, peach juice, peach seeds extracts, cherry leaves extract, perilla leaves extract, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid NA. Free of silicon, paraben, mineral oil, colorant, oil-based surfactant, alcohol, animal-based ingredients.

Manufactured in a segregated line for Halal products, obtained Halal-certification from Japan Islamic Trust.


The cutting-edge liquid crystallization technology boosts moisture-retaining capacity comparing to general emulsification, permeating the layer of stratum corneum without sticky feeling. With low-irritation, good for all skin types. Having soothing peach aroma makes your skincare time relaxed one. We offer special set price, so please check out our online site and try Momohime skincare line.

Momohime received Best Halal Product Award at Moscow Halal Expo!

PBJ Inc. (Representative Director: Mieko Kobayashi), a producer of Halal-certified Japanese skincare line “Momohime”, run a booth at Moscow Halal Expo from 2nd to 5th June, 2016.

Moscow Halal Expo is the seventh year and accommodated worldwide companies engaged in Halal business in various areas. It is a prestigious Halal Expo holding a rigorous screening to participate in. It is the first time for Japanese company, PBJ Inc., to make a presentation there. It held a contest in each area and Momohime Halal-certified Gel Cream won the best product award. In determining the best product award, invited Muslim leaders and researchers examined the product details, effectiveness of Halal certification, packaging, qualities, presentation of the booth, attitude toward taking care of the customer, feedback from users, and so on. It is judged holistically to appreciate excellence in products, thus it is historic event for a Japanese company received this award. PBJ Inc. made a foothold in developing its skincare products worldwide, being recognized as the best product by Muslim leaders and researchers. 


11 April, 2016: Momohime is appeared in Shukan Shogyo Shinbun, an industrial paper of cosmetics in Japan.

6 Mar,2016: We held Momohime trial party at our office. 

In commemoration of releasing Momohime on 3rd March, we invited Muslimah exchanged thoughts and feelings by using products.  They gave us deep insight and advice on our current and future products and promotion methodology in Japanese, Indonesian, and Malaysian markets. Overall, they liked Momohime, especially its soothing scent and light feeling in use. They are all very smart and attractive ladies and we really appreciate their coming.  We wish Momohime will become a little something to relax you. 

29 Feb, 2016: Momohime was reported in Nikkei Market Journal.