“She is a Peach”

This is used as a word of praise given to a beautiful, healthy, and sexy woman in the Western countries.

Peach is a sweet and delicious fruit with pleasant scent, which has been adored in the world.

It is said that Peach has great effects on beauty and health as well as on fulfillment in love and wording off evil. 

We introduce such attractive aspects of Peach!!

Peach has great effects on beauty and health

Japanese peach is very fresh and delicious, containing ingredients making women beautiful.

The main ingredient of Peach is cane sugar and various organic acids such as citric and malic acid. It also contains potassium, several vitamins including B1, B2, C, and E, niacin, and pectin.

Beauty effect

Beauty skin effect

Vitamin C in Peach fruit balances the skin and prevents skin aging. Peach seed extract has emollient effect smoothing the skin. Peach juice promotes skin metabolism and calms and moisturizes the skin.


Also, Peach leaves extract contains tannin, phenol, amino acid, and flavonoid having moisturizing, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial effects.


These replenish moisture and fixes up skin texture.

Moisturizing effect

“Moisturizing” is indispensable for “Whitening “. The well moisturized skin promotes the barrier function of the skin to block ultraviolet rays. The moist skin boosts turnover of the skin and prevents. pigmentation of melanin generating spots and dullness, improving permeability of active ingredients.


Healthy effect

Eliminate swelling

Peach has highest potassium content that is 1.5 times as much as the one in a watermelon. The combination of potassium and Peach’s odorant called “coumarin” is expected to eliminate swelling by removing surplus water and internal waste products out of a body.

Prevent hypertension

The potassium lowers the blood pressure, so prevention of hypertension is expected.

Eliminate constipation

100g Peach contains 1.3g of vegetable fiber that is greater than the one in banana. 0.6g out of its 1.3g of vegetable fiber is water-soluble such as pectin and expected to eliminate constipation and improve the enteral environment.

Relieve fatigue

Peach contains full of citric and malic acids and is expected to relieve fatigue.

Diet effect

Peach is a sweet fruit but has low calorie of 40kcal per 100g, which is almost same level as orange and grape fruit. Also, the content called inositol in Peach is expected to lower cholesterol and prevent fat accumulation by improving fat metabolism, bringing diet effect.

Relaxation effect

In Japanese, pink is also called “peach color” and expected to bring relaxation effects for women. Pink color is said to bring peaceful mind to a woman by reducing stress or tension and tension, longing for affection.

Aroma effect

Peach’s gentle scent is said to have aroma effect, making women relax eliminating obsessions.

Peach is a lucky fruit

History of Peach

 The country of origin of Peach is China, where it has been considered to be a fruit for eternal youth and immortality in Shangri-La since ancient times. It is also deemed to have a spiritual power to expel evil sprits.


It is said that Peach was introduced into Japan in the Yayoi period around 3 B.C.


The statements of Peach are seen in Japanese ancient books, “Kojiki” (The Records of Ancient Matters) and “Nihonshoki” (Chronicles of Japan) Peach is one of the beloved fruity by Japanese people historically.


Momo-no-sekku(Doll's Festival)

In Japan, there is a traditional doll’s festival called “Momo-no sekku” or “Hina matsuri” to wish for girl’s good health and happiness on 3rd March every year, which was started around 1,000 years ago.

The family having daughters celebrate this festival by displaying dolls wearing costume of imperial court in ancient times and wishes for her healthy growth.


The flower of Peach (called “Momo” in Japanese) along with Japanese confectionary are also displayed and it is also called Momo-nosekku (th e Peach Festival) since peach trees are usually in full bloom on 3rd March according to the lunar calendar.

Momo Taro

A fairy tale “Momotaro” (Peach Boy) is well known old tale in Japan. This is a story of Momotaro who was born out of Peach and grew up to travel to find out and beat Oni (Japanese devils)


It was thought that Peach had a power to purge noxious vapors, so a fairy tale of Momotaro was made from it.


It is an interesting fairy tale, so let us introduce it to you in English as below.

Long, long ago, there lived an old man and his old wife in a village. He went to the mountain to gather woods. She went to the river to wash clothes, when a big peach came floating down the river.

"What a big peach this is! I'll take it home." she said and came home with it on her back.

When she began to cut it, to their surprise, the peach cut apart of itself and a big baby came out of it.

"Oh, my God!" They were very surprised but very happy to be blessed with him.

"What shall we call him?" she asked.

"He was born from the peach. How about calling him Momo-Taro,'Peach Boy'." he said.

"That's a good name."

Momo-Taro grew and grew quickly to be a strong and kind-hearted boy.

One day he said to his parents.

"I hear there live a few bad ogres in the Ogre's Island."

"Oh, yes. They sometimes come to our village and do many bad evil things. But we are at a loss what to do."

"Then I'll go there and defeat them. My mother, please make me some millet dumplings."

She made him the most delicious dumplings in Japan. He carried them in a bag around his waist and left his house for the Ogre's Island.

On his way, he met a dog.

"Mr.Momo-Taro, what do you have in your bag?"

"I have the most delicious dumplings in Japan."

"If you give me one, I'll follow you." He gave one dumpling and the dog became his follower with pleasure.

When he and the dog made their way, a monkey came toward him.

"Mr.Momo-Taro,what do you have in your bag?"

"I have the most delicious dumplings in Japan."

"If you give me one, I'll follow you." He gave one dumpling and the monkey became one of his men with pleasure.

When they were walking, a pheasant flew over toward them.

"Mr.Momo-Taro,what do you have in your bag?"

"I have the most delicious dumplings in Japan."

"If you give me one, I'll follow you." He also gave one dumpling and the pheasant became one of his men with pleasure.

"That must be the Ogre's Island." the dog said.

"We can see the castle." the monkey said.

"I'll fly and see what it is like." the pheasant said and flew away to the island.

They reached the island at last. In front of the castle's gate, there was a big ogre standing. Momo-Taro picked up a big stone and threw it at him. The monkey climbed up the gate quickly to open it. The pheasant attacked the ogre's eyes.

"We can't do anything." the ogre said and they ran away.

"Help!" they said in the castle and they ran away.

The huge boss came out.

"Hey,little boy. I'll kill you." the ogre said, swinging his iron bar.

"Are you the boss?" said Momo-Taro,jumping on the bar quickly and lightly.

He attacked the enemy so quickly that the enemy couldn't catch him.

"Bad ogre, you did evil things to the villagers. I'll never forgive you. Get my punch!"

"I'm sorry. Forgive me, forgive me. I give up, I give up."

"Are you sure? Do you promise?"

"We are sure. We promise. I'll never tell a lie. I'll give you our treasures."

Momo-Taro got many treasures in the castle. Gold, silver, textile and so on.

He and the dog pulled the cart full of many treasures while the monkey and the pheasant pushed it. It was a very wonderful day for them.