New Release on 1 November, 2017

Oil-free, Watery texture, Make-up remover Gel 


-Oil-free and water-base make-up remover
-Usable for eyelash extension
-Formulated with selected moisturizers, which protect your skin after washing off 
-Free: Silicon, paraben, mineral oil, colorant, oil-based surfactant, alcohol, animal-based ingredients
-Easy-to-use fingertip cap
-All made in Japan, including ingredients and containers
-Manufacture by special Halal production line at a factory in Japan with GMP and ISO 9001 
-Soothing peach fragrance
-Halal Certification obtained from Japan Islamic Trust

How to use

Take 5cm size amount into palm and gently massage onto face using circular-motions to come up makeups. Rinse throughtly with warm water.