Q:  What type of skin would Momohime suit best?

A:  Momohime Basic Skincare Line (face wash, toner, and gel cream) best suits for normal to oily skin type. Peach White Essence is highly recommended for normal to dry skin type as it is rich in moisturizers such as olive oil and squalane. For oily skin type, apply white essence to areas avoiding T-zone.


Q: Can White Essence whiten my skin quickly?

A: Momohime does not use harmful ingredients, which instantly bleaches skin, as it is very dangerous. By using Momohime skincare line everyday, it  will increase  moisture retention ability and boost elasticity, leading to naturally translucent skin.


Q: Can I use only  Momohime face wash, keeping toner and cream from other brands?

A: Yes, it is ok, but we highly recommend to use Momohime skincare line to increase synergy of each product.


Q: Which collagen does Momohime contain?

A: Momohime contains Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from fish, which is said that it has excellent function to boost elasticity of skin.


Q: Which Halal Certification Body did Momohime receive certification?

A:  Japan Islamic Trust. This is a religious institution and a member of the World Halal Council, recognized by JAKIM, too.


Q: I have very rough skin and acne, but Momohime can heal it?

A: If skin condition is very serious, we recommend to go to see a skin doctor. For acne-prone skin/oily skin, Momohime would be best match, as it has light and mild texture with anti-inflammation ingredients.


Q: I am pregnant and my skin gets very sensitive, but can I use Momohime skincare line?

A:  Momohime is free from ingredients causing irritation, so it would be good for sensitive skin type. Also, subtle peach scent will make you fee relax and you will be able to enjoy daily skincare with peach of mind.


Q: Do you plan to release new products under Momohime line?

A: Yes, we plan to release BB cream with UV care, Water-based Cleansing Gel, Beauty cream, and etc.